Tips On Getting Solar In Texas

Texas is among the top states on the list of solar power generation and investment. At this moment, Texas is producing 6,750 megawatt

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May 1, 2022

Texas is among the top states on the list of solar power generation and investment. At this moment, Texas is producing 6,750 megawatts of power, which is enough power to supply 783,663 homes. Household owners are considering the benefits of rooftop solar, investing in alternative energy, and shifting the energy field in Texas.

This accelerated growth will continue, as it is programmed that by 2024, there will be 16 solar farms in the U.S., including 5 of which are going to be positioned in Texas. According to the same article, Texas was the second state with the highest rate of installation.

Are you also considering investing in solar power and changing your supply?

Here are some tips on getting solar in Texas, as well as the detailed benefits of such a transition.

What are the Benefits of Solar Power?

  1. It's Eco-friendlier

Solar power is a clean energy source, and among the top renewable energy sources, which produces zero gas emissions.  

This helps combat climate change by reducing the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect and air pollution.

  1. It is highly Efficient

Throughout the day there are certain hours (morning to midday) when the power generation is at its peak, but the power demand is not. This is an advantage because of the ability to store surplus power for nighttime or cloudy days.

  1. It helps you save money

Solar power can significantly reduce your monthly bills because it is an investment that gives back from day one. It is also a great investment if you plan to produce more energy than you need, and sell it back to the provider to distribute. The options are limitless.

Tips on Getting Solar in Texas:

  1. Know your needs

If you're considering investing in solar, first you have to establish the amount of power you need for your home or business. To get a grasp of your needs, it's best to simply look at your electric bill and determine how many kilowatt-hours you need annually and monthly (always on average).

The type of investment you wish to make depends on your consumption and energy needs. You can always have versatile installation and cover your needs from other energy supplies. On average, most people invest in solar power enough to cover a maximum of 40% of their needs.

  1. Do your homework on tax rebates and incentives

There are many tax rebates and incentives in the States. The most remarkable you can find in Texas is the Federal Solar Tax Credit Program, which, as of 2021, offers a 26% rebate!

However, the program ends when 2021 ends. Texans who would wish to invest in solar energy should try to do so before 2022. The program could be renewed or altered, there is no information available at the moment.

Another option is to go privately; there are various solar power companies that offer rebates on their own. Find what best suits you and trust them in this energy transition. It is an investment well worth it!

  1. Know the costs

As much as you need to know your needs, you need to know the costs for each solar system. This depends on the size, or rather, capacity to generate specific kilowatts.

For a system of 5 KW, which covers a home of approximately 1,500 square feet, the cost would be around 13.800 U.S Dollars, according to this source.

For twice the capacity, 10 KW, which covers a home of 3,000 square meters, the price would be 27.600 U. S Dollars, while for 15 KW and 4,500 square feet, it would be 41,400. Of course, that's before considering tax credits, rebates, and discounts.


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