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A team of dedicated experts focused on saving you money & protecting the environment from the energy crisis.

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Our mission

Our goal is to deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions

Our ultimate vision is to grow. We wish to establish Obsidian Solar as a standard and world-class company that offers top-quality customer service, as well as solar panel installation and maintenance services, not only in the greater Houston area, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin but also to other cities and States within the United States of America.

Our story

The story of how Obsidian Solar was founded

Obsidian was founded with the vision to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, house size, or location, gets the best quality solar services. When building out the Obsidian Solar team, we focused on one thing only - delivering an incredible customer experience.

Our values

Values that drive our work


We only choose to work with the highest quality vendors & solar experts from roofing and installation to customer service.


We are committed to saving you money and helping the envrironment. And we have the outstanding services to back it up.

Team work

We always work as a team to reach the optimal solution that is suitable for your business, or your home & your family.


We like to stay updated and on the forefront of technological innovations in the field to offer what's best.


We love to be responsible for all successful projects as much as we love being members of a team. We know what's right and we go for it.

Leadership team

The amazing team
behind Obsidian Solar

Ryan Ondras

Chief Executive Officer

Focused on building this premier solar organization with the utmost commitment to help customers make the smart transition & save the environment.

See how we work

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