Commercial Solar

Highly efficient and durable commercial solar panels for businesses, government facilities, schools and farms.

About the service

This service offers highly efficient and durable commercial solar panels for business purposes, governmental facilities, schools or farms. Our service offers proven durability, industry-best power & product warranty.

Here's why your business needs Commercial Solar:
  1. Save money and cut down electricity bills as your company grows.
  2. Innovate and take it to the next level.
  3. Help save the environment and contribute to the solution of the energy crisis.
  4. Remain independent from market fluctuations. Be inexhaustible. Just like solar.

What's part of the service?

We can offer full Commercial Solar services, end-to-end. From finding out what's the best solution for you and your business to making it happen, we only work with experts in the field. Our mission is to provide the best customer experience.

We're here to help you reduce your utility costs and tax liability, increase your property value, and stay independent in times of market uncertainty. You can trust us and grow your business unbothered.

What’s included

Here's a comprehensive set of services include within the Commercial Solar Service, always provided by our dedicated team members who are here for you.

Our services include:

  • Site analysis
  • Designing & Engineering & Financing
  • Installation
  • Permits or inspections
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance

Service reviews

Read more useful reviews from clients.

We recently purchased solar panels for our home from Obsidian Solar. The sales representative, Xavier Cortez, was very professional and helpful. He answered all of our questions, either on the spot or he promised to find out the answers and to get back with us, which he did. He was courteous and showed that he really cared. When the panels were being installed, he came by and monitored as the crew was doing the work. He is a very professional and dedicated person.

Al Nash
Happy Obsidian Solar Customer

christian was very helpful! thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything. he truly is an expert and professional! ask for him for all your solar needs!

Abigael Braud
Happy Obsidian Solar Customer

I was beyond impressed with the customer service I received!
Previously, I heard nothing but scary stories regarding solar scams. The Obsidian team made sure to clear up any concerns I had before going solar, and walked me through the whole process. They absolutely proved themselves to me as a honest and transparent company. My solar panels look & work great & I immediately started to see the money I was saving. If you're interested in solar panels and don't now who to trust,  I highly recommend Obsidian Solar!

Constanza Perez
Happy Obsidian Solar Customer

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